Polecam 3D in England Ryder Cup
Polecam 3D in England Ryder Cup
Polecam 3D in England Ryder Cup

Polecam 3D System was used in the 38th Ryder Cup in Wales when Sky  TV launched the UK's first domestic 3D channel.

Chris Taber of Pedestal TV ( PedestalTV@aol.com ), had the pleasure of suppling and operating his 3D Polecam rig from a fixed position on the first tee. Two Toshiba IK-HD1 cameras were mounted on the new 3D mounting plate, which allowed easy adjustments of convergence and roll locally, while final adjustments were made in the Telegenic truck via a Sony 3D convergence unit.



The left and right HD-SDI signals were converted to fibre for a near 2 Km run back to the Outside Broadcast compound. Data from and to the Polecam Remote Control Panel was also sent via fibre. The RCP allowed the engineers full control of the cameras, a vital requirement for 3D.

The quality of the two Toshibas allowed the pictures to cut in with the main cameras seamlessly, thrilling producers and audiences alike.



The simplicity of the 3D setup allows the Polcam to retain all of its benefits available to its 2D users. The only crane currently available to carry a full 3D rig is a technocrane, which is costly and requires several people to operate.

Polecam stays as a single operator system and can still offer shots that other cameras can't get.

"In short" said a soggy Chris, "Wet, windy and enormous fun!"

Arise Sir Monty!

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