Fusion FBH-175 Height Drive
Fusion FBH-175 Height Drive
Fusion FBH-175 Height Drive
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The Fusion FBH-175 Bolt on Height Drive is designed for use with the manual pedestals from Vinten and Sachtler which do not have a fully skirted base, such as the Vinten Osprey Elite, the Sachtler Combi Pedestal and the Quartz Two.

The height drive has amaximum payload of 80 kg (176 lbs), and is designed to support the Vinten Radamec Fusion robotic heads and today's portable cameras, lenses and prompters.

Combining the  Fusion FBH-175  bolt on height drive with the NEW Fusion FHR-120 Robotic Only head, creates a very affordable high performance robotics solution using the best lightweight manual pedestals available from Vinten and Sachtler.

  • Significantly increases flexibility of studio applications at a very affordable price
  • Provides genuine broadcast quality on shot heightmovement tomatch the performance of the head
  • Works seamlesslywith the Fusion pan and tilt heads
  • Controlled by the Vinten Radamec Control System

The smooth movement produced by the height drive matches the performance of the pedestal under full manual control,
enabling on shot movement as well as high speed repositioning.

Part Number V4031-0001

Compatible with the following Pedestals: Osprey Elite, Osprey Plus (single stage), Sachtler Combi Pedestal and Quartz Two

MaximumHeight Travel  900mm/ 35.4 ”
Weight 6.75 kg / 14.9 lbs
MaximumPayload 80 kg / 176 lbs
Maximum‘On Shot’ Stroke 800mm/ 31.5 “
MaximumHeight Speed (On Shot) 150mm/ 6 “ / second
MinimumHeight Speed (On Shot) 10mm/ 0.4 “ / second
Manual Operation Disconnect Yes
Power Consumption- Peak 170W
Integral Power Supply Unit Auto ranging 110-240V AC 50/60 Hz