Vinten Radamec FHR-35 Robotic Fusion Pan Tilt Head
Vinten Radamec FHR-35 Robotic Fusion Pan Tilt Head
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Vinten Radamec FHR-35 Head


Vinten Radamec FHR-35 Datasheet

Vinten Radamec Fusion FHR-35 provides a high quality solution.

Locations such as legislative buildings, conference and educational centres, houses of worship and financial institutions can utilise broadcast quality camera and lens packages up to 16kg / 35lbs in remote locations, supported by this flexible and versatile pan and tilt head.

The Fusion FHR-35 is the first to incorporate Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE), a new platform which delivers unprecedented control and accuracy in an innovative and highly compact form. In addition to moving under robotic control, the FHR-35 also provides precise position reporting back to the controller, together with zoom and focus data from a digital lens.

  • Control of broadcast quality camera and lenses
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Accurate, smooth movement at a wide range of speeds
  • No external interface box or power supply required
  • Ultra-reliable communications protocol, running over a standard Ethernet network

Part Number                                     V4096-0001

Height                                                 247.5 mm/ 9.7" (including lens connections)

Width                                                  182.5 mm / 7.2" (including cradle 322.5mm / 12.7”)

Length                                                 188 mm / 7.4" (including power & data)

Weight                                                 6.85 kg / 15.1lbs

Max Payload                                       16 kg / 35 lbs

Pan Range                                           720˚ with end stops 319˚

Tilt Range                                            345˚

Max Speed- Pan/Tilt                            60°/ second

Min Speed- Pan/Tilt                             0.01° / second

Repeatability                                      <60 arc second

VR output                                           Optional

Fixing Details                                      4 x M6 on 84 PCD
                                                           6 x 10-32 UNF on 1.875" PCD

Tripod Adaptor                                   AM-VMA-105

Integral Power Supply Unit                90-250V AC 50/60Hz Auto-ranging

Max. Peak Power                               100 Watts